Special Rehansabai Kirtan on New Year’s Eve!-31/12/2007

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji,

Special RehanSabai for New Year’s Eve-31/12/2007 has been fixed at Bhai Surjit Singh Ji’s house (Airport Wale). Details are as follows:

Date & Time 10:00PM-5:00AM on 31/12/2007-01/01/2008

Location Villa No-9 Al Tarfana Area, Near University Bridge, Sharjah

Sangat from Dubai will be starting together at 9.15 PM.

Contact Details Jasvinder Singh-0508793601 & Rajinder Singh-0503506977

Note- All Sangat is requested to have there dinner before reaching to Kirtan Venue as there will be no full langar except for light snack with Tea at start of Samagam. In the morning breakfast (langar) will be served.

All are requsted to join and take laaha as Guru Ji is giving us an oppurtunity to start New Year in the company of holy Sangat.

Dubai Sikhs

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