Pics from Kids special keertan program At Rajinder Singh’s house

Waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh!!!!

Last week, there was a special kids keertan program at Rajinder Singh’s house. There were total of 13 kids between age of 3-15,  who performed in kirtan reciting & tabla . Kids were in full enthu and sangat really enjoyed kids performance. Kids were happy after getting prizes. 

Bhai Surjit Singh Ji Airport waLe &  Bhai Swaran Singh ji Aweer distributed the prizes to kids.  Many thanks to Ritu Penji, Jaswinder Virji Sharjah & Bhai GaGanpreet singh ji who did various sewas.

Here is a link for full size Images:-

img_1286.jpg kids-enjoyin.jpg img_1293.jpg

 img_1286.jpg manjet-singh-on-tabla.jpgimg_1291.jpg

trisha.jpg kids samagam pics img_1308.jpg

img_1299.jpg img_1303.jpg sahajleen-kaur.jpg

divjot-singh-with-prize.jpg ashu

Dubai Sikhs.

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