Weekly Kirtan and Gurbani Vichar Samagam 08/02/2008-Al Ain

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

Weekly Kirtan and Gurbani Vichar samagam for Friday morning, 08/02/2008 has been fixed at Bhai Raghbir Singh Ji’s house, Al Ain (Behind Meena Bazaar).

A special bus has been arranged by Dubai Sangat which will be departing from Plaza Cinema Dubai at 7.00AM. Please reach the departure point on time. Contact Rajinder Singh ji for more details.

Details are as follows:

Date & Time 9.30AM-1.00PM on 08/02/2008

Location Al Ain, Behind Meena Bazaar

Contact Details Rajinder Singh-050 3506977 &  Raghbir Singh(Al Ain)-050 6180633

After Kirtan samagam, sangat will go to Alain PArk . We will have gurmat vicharan, discussions, fun games for kids and lot more surprises there!!!!!!!  so be there & enjoy:)

Senior Singhs Bhai Surjit Singh ji ( Airport wale, shj.), Bhai Svaran Singh ji, Bhai Ranjit Singh ji & Bhai Amrpitpal singh ji also accompanying the sangat. We will have time to sit together and learn Gurmat in their sangat.

All are cordially invited.

Dubai Sikhs

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