Reports from Alain trip

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!!!

With Guru ji’s kirpa, friday weekend keertan samagam at Alain and trip to park after samagam was a great success. everyone enjoyed..

We left at around 8 A.M. from dubai. Sangat did Keertan, Simran & Gurbani Vichar in the bus all the way to Alain.We reached Alain at 10.45 in the morning. Bhai Jaswinder Singh ji Shj, Bhai Onkar Singh Ji (Paroo), Bhai Amritpal Singh ji, Bhai Gaganpreet Singh ji, Bhai Svaran Singh ji, Kawal Penji Shj, Ritu Penji & Harpreet Penji did kirtan sewa. There was hukamnama vicharan followed by langar.

After that, we moved to Alain Park. kids had a nice time in the park..there we gota oppurtunity to sit in sangat of chardikalaa gursikhs to learn and share experiences. we had gurmat discussions, games for adults and kids & yummy food there.Overall,  sangat really enjoyed the samagam and trip.

Picutures will be posted soon. so  stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

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