Rocky Virji’s B’day Party!!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

Last friday, Jyoti Penji (Airport Family) hosted Friday Kirtan Samagam at their residence in Sharjah to celebrate Rocky Virji’s birthday. It was a surprise party for Rocky Virji as Penji & family members kept this as secret before sangat start arriving there.

There is normally a naam simran session followed by kirtan / gurbani vichar & then ofcourse langar & socializing. There is something sweet about getting together in people’s homes and being together in this way.

Bhai Jaswinder Singh Ji Karama, Bhai Jaswinder Singh ji (Vicky Ji, Shj), Ritu Penji, Harpreet Penji, Bhai Svaran Singh ji and others did kirtan sewa. After kirtan, Bhai Surjit Singh ji distributed prizes to kids who performed kirtan.

After that, we had a small birthday party. kids really enjoyed and were happy after getting prizes. Many thanks to Jyoti penji for organising the full program.

Pics from Rocky Virji’s B’day-

bday papu

B’Day Guy:- Rocky Singh aka Rajinder Singh Shj.

trisha-kirtan.jpg dsc00102.jpg dsc00084.jpg

dsc00097.jpg mantej-singh-on-tabla.jpg dsc00106.jpg

sangat.jpg sangat1.jpg sangat-ji.jpg

sangat22.jpg hukamnama-by-bhia-surjit-singh-ji.jpg jaswinder-virji-performingardas.jpg

bolee-so-nihaal.jpg cutiee.jpg mere-ko-bhi-timee-do.jpg

dsc00107.jpg dsc00109.jpg dsc00097.jpg

Prize Distribution:-












Dubai Sikhs 

One thought on “Rocky Virji’s B’day Party!!

  1. waheguru ji da khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh….nice photos to prove singh is always king …keep up the good work…guru ang sang…

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