Memorable Photos -2

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!!

Here are few more pictures from old samagams. enjoy!!!!!!

bhai jaswinder singh ji karama

Bhai Jaswinder Singh Ji Karama

- bhai ranjit singh ji, rajinder singh in middle, bhai choor singh ji n mehtab singh on right

Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji in orange turban sitting with Rajinder Singh in black, Bhai choor Singh Ji n Mehtab Singh on right.

Bhai Amritpal Singh Ji and Bhi Svaran Singh ji

Bhai Amritpal Singh ji in white dastar and Bhai Svaran Singh ji in Blue n white bana.

preeti penji

Preeti Penji. Chardikalaa wale penji. You can feel!!!


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