Final Reminder for Special Friday Kirtan Samagam

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

This is a final reminder for those who have missed to read the samagam details before. Tommorow i.e. ‘May 30th, 2008 , Friday’ gona be a special Kirtan Samagam for 4 hours at Gurudwara Automech, Aweer. Be there on time and have full lahaa!!!

Date & Time:- May 30th, 2008 & Morning 7.30- 11.30 A.M. followed by Langar.

Venue:- Gurdwara Automech, Aweer. Please find the attached map in last post.

Dubai Sikhs

Please contact following number for more information:-

Bhai Rajinder Singh – 050-3506977,  Bhai Jaswinder Singh – 050-8793601

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