Online UAE Sikh Directory for Sikh Sangat

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

With Guru’s blessings, we at Dubai Sikhs are planning to introduce online UAE Sikh Sangat Contact Directory. The data will be accessible to everyone, alphabetically arranged. You can search by name or telephone number.

Click here and fill up the form to add your details to the Directory. To view the directory click UAE Sikh Contact Directory.

You can also navigate to the form and directory using the links on the right side under “UAE Sikh Directory”.

For any further information and clarifications, call us at the following numbers or drop us mail.
Phone  :- 050-3506977, 9150886, 8793601

Dubai Sikhs

One thought on “Online UAE Sikh Directory for Sikh Sangat

  1. I born in hindu family & 41 yr old single female. my ancestors been in IRAN many years ago the were the devotee of hujoor sahib gurdwara. Gurugranth sahib ji is our family head. we are not sikh but we love gurubani from our soul to blood. I do’nt pray anything else or IDOLS.
    I worked in dubai last 14 years to bear my family liabilities & went back INDIA this year.
    Again I need to work due to my obligation are yet want me to serve the ailing old parents
    I have through experience in administration, banking, lending, import export and trading procedures.
    at present in Hyderabad, I am doing with air cargo and custom clearance.
    If I could get chance to work in any area like administration, management or being a service person in new upcomming gurudwara.
    To whome could I approach for this purpose. I need extremely safe & loyal environment. Gurusaheb if could find me suitable for chakari, I want to come again & work in Dubai. Apart from general administration I would volunteer to serve in all seva in gurdwara could allowed for daughters to join hands & spirit.
    Thanks, SatSri Akal Ji
    Bharti Bhojkumari

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