Dubai Sikhs enjoying on a weekend!!

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh!!

It was 5th Dec 2008, one of the usual Fridays when sangat Sikhs in UAE gathered to perform the usual rituals of praying for couple of hours in the morning. After eating the delicious langar, the thought provoking session started. Keeping in mind EID holidays lined up, we came up with an idea of doing something different for a change.
This time ensuring the kids also have good time and everybody enjoys there as well, being in the land of desert, we planned to go to Hatta (115 KM from Dubai City) for Desert Biking (Buggie Riding).
We were a group of  Sikhs and Sikhnis along with kids. We ensured all of us get the buggie(s) at the same time so that we can have more fun and our team spirit contiues in the same way as Waheguru ji has blessed us with so far. The time was not far when we took 7/12 buggies all together and with our Sikhi Josh we were all over the riding premise. The couples took the rides together while the kids accompanied their preferred riders. The enjoyment was captured in digital media which can be viewed here.
Empty stomachs could not move for long, hence decided to pounce on pizzas for dinner!!

2 thoughts on “Dubai Sikhs enjoying on a weekend!!

  1. Wow…that’s just awesome!:D I just came to know about the website when I was searching for the new Gurudwara coming in 2009!:D
    I really like this blog:D It keeps me updated 🙂
    I am not sure if anyone has heard of the Sikh youth camp. It is the best camp for a sikh to attend 🙂
    Now since the new gurudwara is coming, I really want to have a sikh youth camp U.A.E. Although I am just 18 yrs…I have started researching on how to develop the camp and what can be done. I am planning to do in the new gurudwara. I would be really happy with the Sangants can help me in this. I am planning to do the first youth camp next year in summer holidays and a lot of idears are brimming 🙂 therefore I would need the support of all the sangats to work with me in proposing this plan.
    It’s just a plain idea as for now but this website really touched me, so I posted here first. If I can get any contact details or email ID’s..I am looking forward to work!:D
    Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Jee Ke Fateh

  2. Oh and wow..! I just checked that there has been a mini camp before! That’s great then.
    I am ready to submit a proposal form which would outline the details of the camp.

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