SiD picnic to Al Ain

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh!!

Sikhs in Dubai got together for yet another celebration. This time it was on the NEW YEAR towards Al Ain. 8 vehicles back-to-back in discipline made their first hault for morning Langar (breakfast) at 10:30 AM. After the delecious langar and exchanging few conversations we headed towards the destination.

At the destination the gossip bunch (you know “THE BUNCH” being mentioned here) got busy earlier than expected and the men both young and elderly minimized the generation gap between them by getting involved with sporty and energetic activities. After a few mind games, body twists and few other out-of-the-box games, we inclined towards the Hill “JEBEL HAFEET”.

The desert from the hill top wore a deserted view, yet a view to sight. After a few personal and group photoshoots at the hill edges we  descended to a park at the foot of Jebel Hafeet for the afternoon Langar (lunch). The energy after Langar was enough to keep us energetic for few more hours.

We all ran into “FUN CITY” on our way back to Dubai. After dashing cars, boating, gokarting, heavy heartbeating rides and evening snacks we headed towards, from where we started.

Having read all this you can now view the snaps.

SiD Al Ain Trip

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