Sharing accomodations for Gursikhs in Karama,Dubai

Dear All,

This is to inform you that there are sharing accomodations avaliable in Karama
on an immediate basis.You may read the following.

* Required 2 Gursikh bachelors to share the room with other 3 in Karama.

* Required one Gursikh Lady to share a room with other 2 in Karama.

Jagjit Singh 0501528208

Thank You!

Dubai Sikhs

4 thoughts on “Sharing accomodations for Gursikhs in Karama,Dubai

  1. SSA,

    I am shifting to dubai in september end, and am looking forward to some shared accomodation. Am a sikh, and will not be bringing my family initially.

    Please let me know what would be the shared part of the rent, and if there are any special conditions that I would have to abide.

    My email address is koftorts at yahoo dot com

    Thanks ..

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