Weekend Kirtan Samagam- Friday, 05/02/2010

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sangat Ji,

Naam Simran Samagam for this weekend-05/02/10 will be held at Bhavneet Kaur Ji’s house at Al Barsha, Dubai.  Details are as follows:

Date & Time 8:00-10:20AM on 05/02/10

Location Flat No-205, Falak Naz Building, Al Barsha, Dubai

Route Map- Going from Dubai-

  • On Sh Zayed road going towards Abu Dhabi take exit 39. (This is 4th interchange)
  • Going straight down to Al Barsha road,  On the RHS there will be Pan Emirates after that take 1st right.
  • Keep going straight crossing the first signal and before the second signal take Right. (Here the landmark is Emirates Bank is on the LHS before right turn).
  • Hardly 1/2 km ahead is 32 pharmacy @ the corner, take a right from there
  • Take Left from the T- Junction which is barely 10 steps ahead
  • Go Straight there will be a small R/A, still go staright.
  • Keep going straight on the road towards the grocery before the end of the road.
  • Al Najd hotel apts on the LHS while this building is on the RHS.

Contact Details-

Bhavneet Kaur -050-8872652, Pravin: 050-5754600 & Harvinder Singh-0506502993

All sangat is cordially invited and requested to be on time to have full laha.

UAE Sikhs

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