3 thoughts on “The New Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara–Bhai Dya Singh

  1. description;just 8years old dilbagh singh presenting gurbani with hi sweet voice he appreciated by sangat in various katha gayan programs in pataila (punjab) contact;9914543245

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    Ever wondered what differentiates a Gurmukh from a Manmukh (or in layman’s language : a religious person from a non-religious one)?

    Some people would tell you “Waheguru di mehar de bina, bhakti nahi kiti ja sakdi!” This statement is an eternal truth, but it shouldn’t be used to shield one’s non-willingness to follow the Guru’s path. You must have heard people justify their acts “Jad Waheguru di mehar hovegi, ta Naam Japange/Amrit Chakange/Gurdware Javange…….”

    I doubt whether these people mean, that Waheguru blesses some and leaves the others unattended. Guru Nanak Sahib told us Waheguru’s nature in the Mool Mantar itself. He is Nirvear ie. he looks at everybody with the same “mehar bhari nazar”. For example, God gave the opportunity (Manukha Janam) to both Ram and Raavan. He gave time to both Bhagat Prahlad and Harnakhas. He gave Swas to both Guru Nanak
    and Babbar. It is not the lack of Opportunity/Time/Swas but our utilization
    of the same. The problem is not from Waheguru’s side, but the choices we make in our lives.

    Bhai Gurdaas Ji explains “Charan Saran Gur Ek Paeda Jaye Chal, Satgur Kot Paeda Aage Hoye Laet Hai” Even Bhai Sahib emphasizes the need for a Sikh to take the first step. Guru Sahib will hold your hand, give you the wisdom and show you the way, but the condition is that you must be ready to give your hand in Guru’s hand.

    If you still have doubts on the above, please read the below real life story, which is very apt in this respect :

    Once, a Saint was asked by his follower “Pir Ji, Sab kuch Khuda hi karta hai, ki banda bhi kuch kar sakta hai?” To which, the saint asked him to pick up one leg from the ground. He did. Now, the saint asked him to pick up his second leg too without putting down the first one. The follower said, it was impossible. Then, the Mahapurakh explained “Khuda ne tumhe pehla kadam uthane ki azadi di hai, par
    uska parinaam Allah ne apne haath mein rakha hai, vo bande ke haath mein nahi” ie. God has given you the freedom to take the first step (make a choice), but once you have made a choice, it’s result is decided by God Himself.

    Even Guru Granth Sahib explains our condition :

    “Ham Avgun Bhare Ek Gun Nahi, Amrit Chaad Bhikhe Bikh Khai”

    If we find something wrong within ourselves, let us search for answers within Gurbani and try to change ourself today. Don’t wait for things to happen. Don’t expect miracles without our taking the initiative. Most of us, do not realize how precious an opportunity we have got, and later in our old age, rue the time which we had wasted.

    Thus, I would like to conclude, by quoting a couple of lines, which always
    tend to inspire me :

    “Na dekhne ki tarah, Hamne Zindagi Dekhi,
    Chirag Bujhne Laga to Roshni Dekhi”

    Bhulan Chukan Di Khima,

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !

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