Weekend Kirtan Samagams- 22nd July 2011 and 23rd July

Note: As this is Sangat Program, everyone is invited. Please feel free to share this information.

Update: Today we received an update that sangat arriving till 8:45AM will get parking within hotel itself.

Guru Pyari Sangat Ji,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

This week, in addition to the regular Friday Samagam-22nd July, there will be an additional Samagam on Saturday-23rd July to celebrate Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji’s Prakash Purab.

Please see below the details of both Kirtan Samagams-

22nd July 2011 Friday Morning 8:00-10:30AM

Bhai Jagjit Singh Ji (055 7861000)

The Address Downtown Hotel, Apartment 2908,

Near Dubai Mall

Dubai (Route Map is attached)

There are few important points to be noted-

1. Free car parking is available at Souq Al Bahar which is located just after the hotel building. (See Map)

2. Anybody with special needs or elders who cannot walk can please call Jagjit Singh ji’s assistant Mr. Madhu on 055 917 2283, he will park their car.

3. Don’t give car for Valet parking its not free, it is charged at AED50/-.

4. Once in the hotel there are side by side 2 entrances… For Hotel and Residences, you have to go to residence …ask any staff where the elevator is. Sevadars will be standing at the Hotel enterance to guide the Sangat.

5. Note: Address Mall Hotel is different …so be careful not to go over there.

23rd July 2011 Saturday Evening 5:00-8:00PM

Bhai Gurshamsher Singh Ji (050 9852849)

Flat# 602, Team Real Estate Building, Above Popular Bakery Al Nahda,

Sharjah (This is the same building where Rainsabai samagam took place in March)


1. From Dubai take Itihad road towards Sharjah.

2. After Crossing Ansar Mall, take first right (just before KFC)

3. You will reach Nahda Park r/a (Lulu Center will be on your RHS)

4. On this r/a leave 2 exits and take 3rd exit (right turn).

5. Again take first right, you will face T-junction with AL Qantrah restaurant in front.

6. Take Right, then 2nd Left, again you will reach T-junction with Kacha parking on RHS.

7. You would be on the backside of building, it is second building on RHS.

For any enquires please do not hesitate to contact-

Ph # 050 6502993, 050 4276579

All Sangat is cordially invited to join and please share this info with friends, relatives, colleagues.


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