Special Keertan Samagam – 18th Nov 2011 Evening

Note: As this is Sangat Program, everyone is invited. Please feel free to share this information.

Guru Pyari Sangat Ji,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

There is a special keertan program by Bhai Gurpreet Singh ji Shimla Wale. Details are as follows:

18th Nov 2011 Friday Evening – 6.30- 8.00 PM

Sewa: Bhai Kawaljit Singh

Address: Juma Al Majid Building, Tower B

The directions are:
> Dubai – Sharjah Al Etihad road towards Sharjah
> Take right turn before KFC and go straight , cross Al Nahda park and go straight
> On that road Sahara centre bridge is left side, on right side take first right turn and then go straight and take 3rd right turn > On left hand side brown color building Tower A Jumal Majid building flat 707A . Below is Al Maya Super market.

For location, contact Bhai Ajit Singh 050-4276579  Bhai Narinder Singh 050-6571863

All Sangat is cordially invited to join and please share this info with friends, relatives, colleagues.

UAE Sikhs

One thought on “Special Keertan Samagam – 18th Nov 2011 Evening

  1. ssa ji !
    we missed all prog’s by gurpreet singh ji shimla wale.
    am very upset for this.
    plz let me know if there is any prog of him.
    or if you have there recording then plz give us mp3.

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