Turban issue in UAE

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

We would like to put to your notice that last week we faced a complaint from employees of a big company based in Alain , where in the management of the company issued a memo stating that all the employees will have to give pictures for visa processing without covering their head …around.2000 Sikh employees of the company were in doldrums and they approached Sarbat Da Bhala office to check if there any such law by labour ministry if not then they wanted our help to make it clear with their management.

Around 10 employees of the company were ready to resign if management doesn’t take back this decision and few had submitted the pics.

As its matter of our pride and we were aware that there is no such rule and we handled such cases in past also.

We took swift action and with the help of S MP Singh Ji from Indian consulate and Indian Embassy … which further involved labour ministory to check if there is any such requirement by them, but it was not the case there was no such rule by labour ministory and immigration.

Eventually with a letter from embassy to company management they withdrew the rule and now all are allowed to submit the pics with turban

Please circulate this information and create awareness about this rule , may be somwbody somewhere is exploiting our brothers and sisters and information is not reaching us.


3 thoughts on “Turban issue in UAE

  1. I am resident of UAE since 1975 and well aware of the rules and regulations of UAE. There is no such law or rule of labour or immigration not to cover the heads for visa purpose. UAE leadership is very human and respect all the religions.This Al Ain company must know the good gesture of the visionary great leader of UAE H H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who donated land and allowed the Sikh community to build GURUDWARA SAHIB. Do not agree for the rule of this company this is direct interference in our religion.

  2. SSA,
    This kind of support is really appreciated.
    However, I would like to mention here that such a problem might have arisen due to few ppl who actually dnt adorn full hair as a sikh but then wear turban occasionally so actually they look different. So company cannot solely be blamed as they might have their reasons in doing this.
    What matters is…..All s well that ends well.
    V just wish Sarbat da Bhala.
    SDB is the best!!

  3. waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fatehe,

    veerji i m rishi arora, an amritdhari sikh coming to dubai soon for a job. what measures should i take in order to follow my rehet and fulfill the dubai laws too. is there any objection or ristrictions in keeping our kirpan and kara with us. or any other precautions to be taken. do reply me.

    your younger sikh brother,
    Rishi Arora

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