Special Gurmat Camp for Kids- Nihaal 2014

Note- Pre-registration is MUST for participation.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Guru Pyari Sangat Ji,

With Guru Ji’s blessings, a special Kids Gurmat Samagam has been planned for 31st Oct 2014. There are several special activities planned for the samagam, so that it can be a truly learning experience for both Kids and parents alike. Details of the samagam will be as follows:

Date: 31st Oct 2014

Timing: 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM (registration starts at 8.30AM)

Venue: Residence of S. Jagjit Singh Ji, Villa#786 Nadd Al Hammar, Dubai

S No Time Activity
1. 8.30AM Samagam will open with Kids registration at 8.30AM. Refreshments/snacks will be served alongside.
2. 9.00AM After Ardas and Hukamnama, Kids will lead the form of Nagar Kirtan around Villa Premises.
3. 9.45AM Khalsa Akaal Purakh Ki Fauj- Show by little Khalsa’s promoting Sikhi Attire
4. 10.05 Skits- Young Khalsa’s will demonstrate Sikhi Values by demonstrating their theatrical skills.
5. 10.25 Presentation- Learning through Multimedia presentation and Q&A session.
6. 11.05 Poetry Competition- Our Singhs and Kaurs will share various aspects of Sikhism through their poetry skills.

Parallely, Dastaar Bandi Competetion will go on at the same time.

7. 12.05 Another round of Skits- Young Khalsa’s will demonstrate Sikhi Values by demonstrating their theatrical skills.
8. 12.30 Samapti Ardas, Hukamnama, Prizes, Gifts and Langar.

Register kids names along with activity details with Kawaljeet Kaur- 0505987078 and Pushpinder Kaur-0559939321.

Last Date for registration 24th Oct 2014

Poetry Competition Rules-

1. Any Poem related to Sikhi/Gurmat.

2. Categories- 4+ to 8 years, 8+ to 12 years and 12+ to 18 years.

3. Time for each participant will be between 2-4 minutes.

4. Participants will be judged on poem delivery, clarity/tone of voice and body language.

5. Please give name ASAP.

Dastaar Bandi Competetion Rules-

1. This is open for both BOYS and GIRLS.

2. Categories- 6 to 11 years, 11+ to 17 years.

3. Turban needs to be brought from home. Turban Color-Navy Blue only.

Note- There are few general requests for all parents-

1. The purpose of this camp is to MOTIVATE and INCULCATE our Kids towards GURMAT in a FUN way. This can be achieved by maintaining discipline. So Kindly, ensure to be on time so that kids can thoroughly enjoy the Camp.

2. Kids can participate in more than one activity.

3. As part of discipline- Dress Code needs to be followed. White Kurta/Suit with Navy Blue Dastaar/ Chunni.

4. All Kids- irrespective of gender can participate in Dastaar Bandi Competition. Turban needs to be brought from home. Turban Color-Navy Blue only.

If you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact:

Bhai Narinderpal Singh Maine Ji 050-6571863
Bhai Harjit Singh Ji 050 4814294

All Sangat is invited to reach and have lahaaaaa!!!!

UAE Sikhs

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  1. Dear Sirs,


    This is to request you that please inform me m a amritdhari sikh nd working in sudhir gensets comoany located in Hamriyah free zone ph-2 Nd i want to knw which residential place is safest for family members in sharjah or ajman .

    With thx, Bhawandeep singh Manager service nd logistics

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