Dhow Cruise Program- FINAL DETAILS

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Guru Pyari Sangat Ji,

With reference to Special Dhow Cruise details shared in past few weeks, firstly, we would like to thank all sangat for the overwhelming response that we got for this Samagam + Get-together. As of today, all arrangements have been made. So we all are set to sail together on 11th, to thank almighty Waheguru and enjoy this special program.

We are re-iterating the details of the samagam, along with meeting point and boat details-

Date Friday, 11th Dec 2015 Afternoon 11.00AM-3.00PM
Boarding From Dubai Creek, Deira side opposite Bank of Baroda
GPS Coordinates 25.26702,55.3034513
Nearest Metro Station Baniyas MS- Approx 400 meters
Boat Name Lama Tours

Location on Google Map-


The program details are as follows-

10.30 AM Boarding starts
11.00 AM Boat starts journey
11.00-11.30 AM Snacks, Refreshments, Socializing
11.30-1.10 PM Kirtan Samagam (yes, Kirtan while Dhow is sailing)
1.10-03.00 PM Fun, Lunch and Sightseeing.

At last there are few earnest requests to sangat-

1. Kindly be on time. As there are around 50 families involved, let us not spoil the experience of others. Please plan at-least 30 minutes in advance for traffic, parking delays- as Deira is commercial area, parking (although a very big municipality parking lot is there) is difficult even on Fridays. The boat will lift off anchor at 11.00AM.

2. Those who had confirmed verbally, whatapp, but not paid till date are still confirmed, unless they cancelled. If anyone has any doubts on their respective seat confirmation, kindly double check with Harjeet Veer Ji (They can pay to Narinderpal Singh Ji or Harjeet Singh Ji on 11th Dec itself). So, please keep up commitment and join sangat, as all arrangements have been made accordingly.

3. During Kirtan Time, no one will be allowed on Upper Deck, so that all sangat can immerse in Kirtan.

4. Although, there are enough safety measures on boat but still individual families should manage safety of their own kids

To get any further details, please do not hesitate to contact at following numbers-

Bhai Harjeet Singh Ji 0504814294
Bhai Narinderpal Singh Ji 0506571863

Looking forward to see you all.

Sikhs in UAE


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