Blood Donation Drive Report

Sikhcess and Al Wasl Hospital’s joint project of the blood donation drive was successfully accomplished last week. This event was supported by Punjab Natioanal Bank, Dubai. Thanks to the 140 donors for their great contribution to this noble humanitarian cause.

Sangat’s support through all this made this an easily achievable task. Thanks to all Sewadars. Here is the appreciation email, we received from Jasvinder Veer Ji-

Dear All,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

By Waheguru’s grace our Blood donation Camp was a great success. The final count of donors was at 140, with about 160 volunteer donors turning up for the event.

I received a “Thanks” call from Al Wasl  coordinator, which I thought, I should pass on to the rightly deserving sewadars.

I would like to start by thanking Surinder Singh Gouri Uncle & Harmeet Veer Ji for giving us a free hand to use their office premises along with their office support staff and mini-pickup truck dedicated for the purpose of camp. They also took the sewa of organizing a delicious lunch for the camp volunteers and donors.

A heart felt thanks to Creative Singh’s team- Amarjeet Veer Ji, Gurcharan Veer Ji and Kawaljeet Veer Ji for their sewa of beautiful screen printed banner and direction sign boards. They not only made it ready but got it placed at right places in time before start of camp. After fixing all these they took up their sewa of helping with other aspects of managing camp.

Thanks to Mandeep Veer Ji for arranging funds through PNB, Jasmeet for getting media support and managing  snack/lunch counter  along with  Maine Saab who was one of the first to reach before start of camp.

Thanks to our regular team of sangat sewadars- Jaswinder Singh(Shj), Harvinder, Gagandeep (who is also our web administrator and camera professional), Supreet, Sukhmeet, Paramjeet  who always offer invaluable support to all sangat activities. Special thanks to Rajinder Veer Ji for overall coordination and management of camp.

I think, this mail will be incomplete if I do not mention sewa of Lalu, Chaman Lal Ji, Mukesh and Happy Veer Ji. Without their assistance this camp would not have been as smooth as it went.

By Guru Ji’s grace we all did an excellent job as a team.

Jasvinder Singh

The moments we captured on CAMERA

Dubai Sikhs

SiD picnic to Al Ain

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh!!

Sikhs in Dubai got together for yet another celebration. This time it was on the NEW YEAR towards Al Ain. 8 vehicles back-to-back in discipline made their first hault for morning Langar (breakfast) at 10:30 AM. After the delecious langar and exchanging few conversations we headed towards the destination.

At the destination the gossip bunch (you know “THE BUNCH” being mentioned here) got busy earlier than expected and the men both young and elderly minimized the generation gap between them by getting involved with sporty and energetic activities. After a few mind games, body twists and few other out-of-the-box games, we inclined towards the Hill “JEBEL HAFEET”.

The desert from the hill top wore a deserted view, yet a view to sight. After a few personal and group photoshoots at the hill edges we  descended to a park at the foot of Jebel Hafeet for the afternoon Langar (lunch). The energy after Langar was enough to keep us energetic for few more hours.

We all ran into “FUN CITY” on our way back to Dubai. After dashing cars, boating, gokarting, heavy heartbeating rides and evening snacks we headed towards, from where we started.

Having read all this you can now view the snaps.

SiD Al Ain Trip

Picturess from last friday samagam

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

Last week, two members of Dubai Sikhs Bhai Jaswant Singh ji and little tabla master Mantej Singh s/o Bhai Jaswinder Singh Ji celebrated their birthdayz.

Dubai Sikh Sangat wishes them on this day and do ardas to Guru Sahib to bless them and rest of sangat with Naaam daat and Gursikhi Jiwan.

Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji

Mantej Singh Ji on tabla during Guru Nanak Gurmat Camp, Dubai


Here are few photos from last week-end Kirtan Samagam.

Click here:-

Dubai Sikhs

Birthday Party

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

Last week, two members of dubai sangat Gagan Virji and Maeni Virji celebrated their Birthd 

Last weekend, Maeni’s family hosted kirtan samagam at their home in honour of MAeni Virji’s Bday. We will try to post pictures from Bday party soon.

We had a small party at Gagan Virji’s house. Here are few pictures from Bday Celebration.