Holla Mohalla

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

Today is the Sikh Festival of Holla Mohalla. Sarian sangatan nu lakh lakh vadhiyan.Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji.

Guru Sahib’s hukam on this day:-

Holi Kini Sant Sev Rang Laaga Ath Laal Dev

-> I celebrate the festival of Holi by serving the Saints. I am imbued with the deep crimson color of the Lord’s Divine Love.Meaning of “Holla Mohalla”

Holla Mohalla is a three-day festival takes places in March, following from the Hindu festival of Holi. “Mohalla” is a Panjabi word that implies an organised PROCESSION in the form of an army column accompanied by war drums and standard-bearers, and proceeding to a given location or moving in state from one Gurdwara to another.

History of Holla Mohalla
Tyrants were ruling the country and the people were oppressed and enslaved, yet society accepted this and instead played games of throwing and squirting colours at each other and the opposite gender. Guru Sahib told his Sikhs wake up to their responsibility and duty as AKAAL PURAKH KI FAUJ (the Army of the Almighty) to defend the TRUTH and PROTECT society.

 In 1700, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee held the first procession at Anandpur. Guru Sahib made Holla Mahalla an occasion for the Sikhs to show their MARTIAL SKILLS in mock battles. Holla Mahalla became an annual event held in an open ground near HOLGARH QILA (fort) at Anandpur sahib.

This festival is now replicated in Gurdwara Sahibs throughout the world. The three-day festival includes Keertan Darbaars, talks, exhibitions, tournaments and displays of valour.

( Courtesy:- Harmandeep Singh)

Amusing misconception with dire consequences!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Few weeks back, one of my Maharashtrian friend at lunch table pointed out that a day before they had a discussion with one of their Syrian (Muslim) colleague about, why do Sikhs keep unshorn hair?

“The reason given by Syrian though quite amusing, still baffled me. That Syrian gentleman said that, it is widely believed in Muslim world that Sikhs have pledged not to cut hair till they kill at-least one Muslim believer. His belief and comments were supplemented by a Pakistani and surprisingly an Indian (Hindu, from Madhya Pradesh). ”

I was totally shocked on hearing this. Though, I cleared and explained the facts and significance of keeping unshorn hair to my friends at lunch table but I tried to check up this theory from some other sources. To my surprise most of the Muslims that I asked have heard this and believe this holds TRUE; surprisingly, without doing any research on this!!

Does this indicate weakness on our behalf? Just think of the consequences. Can we live in a harmonious society if our next door neighbor believes in this misconception?

Please discuss this openly with your Muslim friends, Colleagues, business partners so that this ignorance doesn’t prevail. You can make a difference!

Jasvinder Singh

Hello world!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear All,

This blog has been started to fill in the void of accessing information related to Gurudwara programmes, Kiratn Samagams and other Sikh Sangat activities. Often, the newcomers/visitors/travellers to Dubai have complained that it is very difficult to find about Gurudwara location and other Sikh contacts in Dubai or UAE as a whole.

We will try our best to do this sewa of providing information and missing links through this blog. We request for Sangat’s blessing and asees so that we can do this sewa as per Gurmat principles.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.


Dubai Sikhs